Andrew L - SdPh Garden Rooms
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FREE INSTALLATION: Delivered in as little as 2 weeks

Andrew L

We had our room installed back in 2021. It was pretty much perfect.

I’m not sure how anyone can leave a bad review. Like any build project, there were niggles, but hardly anything at all. The door needed a tiny bit of adjustment once the room had settled which was done easily. They also replaced a faulty light.

After a full year there were some areas that needed more stain. The wood does expand and contract as its a living material, but never had any problems. Maybe other customers aren’t taking the proper care, but we re-stain once a year, keep it ventilated and don’t store anything up against the outside which can attract damp and cause issues.

This year we had a bit of trim come off when a branch hit the roof! It came down with a real thud but the roof held up very well, and only a bit of plastic trim came off. They quickly sent me a replacement piece free of charge, even 2 years out of warranty.

Shout out to Jamie and Gabrio who are always responsive and made the whole thing seamless.