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Selecting the Perfect Garden Room Size

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular as versatile additions to homes, offering flexible spaces for work, relaxation, and entertainment. However, choosing the right size for your garden room is a critical decision that should align with your specific needs and the available outdoor space. Garden Rooms by SDPH offers a wide range of options to cater to various preferences. Whether you require a compact office, a tranquil retreat, or a spacious entertainment area, understanding the dimensions and features of each model is crucial for making an informed decision.

Analysing Your Garden Area

Examine the area in your garden that is available for use. The size of your outdoor space will have a significant impact on the size of your garden space. It is important to select a garden space that fits well within your garden, allowing for proper landscaping and avoiding overwhelming the surrounding environment.

Standard Size Options

  • Porto (2.75m x 2m / 108” x 79.5”): If you have a small outdoor area or require a compact space for activities like remote work, reading, or pursuing hobbies, the Porto is the ideal solution. Despite its compact size, it provides sufficient space for one person to use comfortably while remaining discreet.
  • Sintra (3.5m x 2m / 138” x 79.5”): The Sintra is a great choice for those who require more space than what the Porto provides. With a slightly larger size, it can easily accommodate a small workspace and a seating area, making it ideal for home offices, art studios, or meditation rooms.
  • Lisboa (4m x 2m / 157” x 79.5”): With its increased flexibility, the Lisboa presents itself as a superb choice for those desiring a multi-functional area. It is particularly well-suited for individuals who need a home office that can easily transform into a space for relaxation or even a compact personal gym.
  • Palma (3m x 2.5m / 118.1” x 98.4”): With dimensions akin to the Sintra but with potential variations in form and arrangement, the Palma presents adaptability for a multitude of uses, such as being converted into an outdoor bar, a petite yoga studio, or a creative workspace.
  • Lakeside (4m x 2.5m / 157.1” x 98.4”): With its generous dimensions, the Lakeside is a superb selection for extensive undertakings. It can function as a roomy office, hold multiple workout machines for a personal fitness centre, or create a warm garden retreat ideal for socialising with guests.
  • Darcie (5m x 2.5m / 196.8” x 98.4”): Designed to offer ample space, the Darcie is the largest option available in the standard range, making it a perfect choice for individuals in need of ample room. Whether it’s for setting up an extensive home office with a dedicated meeting area, creating a fully equipped workout space, or establishing an entertainment room for diverse leisure activities, the Darcie provides the ideal solution.

Bespoke Options

If you have particular needs or an unconventional garden space, bespoke garden rooms are the perfect solution, as they offer complete flexibility to tailor every aspect of the room to your liking:

  • Custom Size: You have the autonomy to opt for a size that is a perfect match for your garden and satisfies your specific prerequisites. Whether you prefer a compact or a spacious area, the decision is yours to make.
  • Shape of the Room: The functionality of your garden room can be significantly enhanced by its shape. You have the freedom to select from standard shapes like square or rectangle, or you can opt for an L-shape or a more distinctive design to perfectly accommodate a specific area of your garden or to achieve a specific aesthetic vision.
  • Number of Internal Rooms: Bespoke garden rooms can be designed to include multiple internal spaces, providing a solution for those seeking distinct areas within a single structure. For instance, it could encompass a home office combined with a designated relaxation area or a storage room.

Understanding Your Garden’s Layout

The dimensions of your garden and the arrangement of its elements are pivotal factors in determining the dimensions of your garden room. It is imperative that you:

  • Measure Your Space: Accurately assessing the available space in your garden is crucial. Remember to reserve room for a walkway and consider how the garden’s layout will affect its overall aesthetic and atmosphere.
  • Consider Planning Permissions: In the UK, the size of your garden room might be subject to planning permissions, especially if it exceeds certain dimensions or takes up a large portion of your garden.

Considerations When Choosing the Size

  • Purpose of the Room: Clearly outline the main function of the garden room, taking into account that a gym or entertainment area may require more space than a home office.
  • Garden Size: It is important to ensure that the garden room blends in with the natural surroundings of your garden, rather than overpowering it. Strive for a harmonious balance between the constructed and organic elements of the space.
  • Future Needs: Considering not only your current needs but also how they might evolve is crucial. A cramped space may quickly become inadequate, while an excessively spacious one may not be effectively utilised.

Balancing Size with Budget

The size of your garden room is heavily influenced by your budget. If you opt for a larger garden room, you should be prepared to spend more on materials and construction. It’s crucial to consider this aspect carefully:

  • Get Quotes for Different Sizes: Research and compare quotes for various sizes to understand how size impacts cost.
  • Consider Long-Term Value: Investing in the appropriate size of a garden room can enhance the value of your property, making it a worthwhile endeavour for future advantages.

When selecting the appropriate dimensions for your garden room, take into account its intended purpose, the amount of space available in your garden, and your budget. At Garden Rooms By SDPH, we offer you the freedom to choose a model that perfectly suits your lifestyle and personal preferences. Whether you decide on a standard size or opt for a customised design, your garden room will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.