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Victoria Cheeseright

4m x 2.5m

More than just a ’boutique’ salon, Victoria and the family have taken back their dining room and given her hairdressing business the outdoor garden beauty salon it deserves! We are sure you will agree this ‘beauty shed’ is far more than just that, it is dressed amazingly and puts most high-street hairdressing salons to shame! (Just look at that mirror!!) Don’t just take Victoria’s word for how good it looks; she has 10 new clients signed up after posting her pictures on facebook and is now fully booked!

Take a look at her facebook page: 

hear from Victoria about her new garden room...

why did you want a Garden Room?

I’ve had a home hair salon in the diner part of my kitchen since Jan 2020, and despite the lockdown closures last year, actually made quite a success of my little business when it was open being a one-in-one-out venue.

The plan was always to move house for more space (my husband is also working from home for the foreseeable) but that option has slipped from our fingers now so the next option was to create more space, and a garden room seemed like the perfect way to create a better, more professional environment to work in.

how has it changed things for the way you live or work?

It’s changed both! Moving my place of work outside has allowed me to relax a bit more when not working as I can’t constantly see it, and it’s not in our way. We have a whole new room back in the house. 

Whilst being seperate from the house, I am still at home, so am able to work with the children (aged 7&9) in the house and keep an eye on them from afar without disturbing my clients, or making the family feel they can’t use our kitchen if I’m working! 

Workwise, people have been blown away with how beautiful and professional my “boutique” (as described by someone today) salon looks. I had already seen a good level of growth from my starting point, however, since just posting the new space on just my personal and business Facebook pages a week ago, no advertising, I have organically gained 10 new clients! I am currently fully booked until June! People can’t wait to come and have their hair done in there! 

why did you choose SdPh Garden Rooms?

I’ve been in the Beautiful Shed group on Facebook for quite a while now, watching, learning, waiting impatiently to one day be in a position to get my own “beautiful shed”. Someone recommended SdPh when I asked about companies who might be able to work with awkward shaped gardens, and whilst there were other companies recommended, once I had seen the style SdPh created, I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. 

Because I was just within the two year period of officially registering my company with HMRC, I was eligible to apply for a UK Gov startup loan and began the process once I’d had received my quote.

what did you think to the SdPh process?

Jamie contacted me straight away via Whatsapp after deciding what options I wanted for the mock-up on the website, asked me questions and still replied even when I sent information or asked a question on a weekend evening (I did tell him to wait until Monday lol).

The images created were great and really helped us make decisions about orientation within our awkward garden, and actually lead to us choosing a size up also. 

Jamie also was quite supportive whilst I was going through the stressful process of the startup loan application, creating a business plan, cash projection etc. The process took a long time, and Jamie kindly spoke to the MD who agreed to honour the original quote despite a price rise on the website, because the process was taking longer than the 30 days massive relief!! 

When funding was eventually secured Jamie’s worked to get me an installation date that worked (this was all within the time frame of salons being able to open again on the 12th April, and me having been a bit too enthusiastic months previously and having booked clients in that week!).

Gabrio took over and was very quick and professional with the layouts and getting the details sorted, and patient with my rough sketches made on princess paper in a friend’s garden when we were trying to quickly organise the nitty gritty placements of switches etc! He and Jamie also worked to get me the earliest date possible when there was a slight glitch, and we made it work.

The build team were brilliant, grafting 8am-9pm the first day, and most of the next day too! When they found out I needed to start painting the first night they made sure the whole of the inside was clad for me so I could get started. 

I absolutely love love love my garden room, and would recommend this company to anyone, you may be getting some enquiries from friends and other stylists nearby!

see inside a garden room


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