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Simon Mulrain

4m x 2.5m

As working from home became more and more regular, Simon wanted a garden room that could be an office space as well as a mini gym. A place to separate work and home life and provide that all important balance. It also means he doesn’t disturb his family on his zoom calls and his wife can play the piano in the house without disturbing him!

hear from Simon about his new garden room...

why want a Garden Room?

I work from home a lot, even before the COVID pandemic and did have a study in the house, but being inside, there is no real separation between home and work, so I struggled to separate the two. During the last year with the children spending more time at home, more distractions and noise made me think to other solutions. We had space in the garden and my wife was already eyeing up the study as the location for her piano, so we made the leap.​

how did it change the way they lived or worked?

At the end of the day I can shut everything off and close the door. Work is then over for the day and I can more easily separate the two. It’s also been much quieter for both me and the family and I no longer disturb them with calls all day. The pandemic also made me evaluate health in general so I have been trying to make the effort to get a bit more into shape. The new room gives me a great space for a treadmill without it becoming a clothes horse in the house or a magnet for dust in the garage.

why choose SdPh Garden Rooms?

I found lots of places online who offered garden rooms, but I was attracted by the completeness for SdPh. I wanted a room with insulation and power. Other companies did part of this or, once you added in the options, they became really expensive. I liked the look of the SdPh rooms, the fact that they were ready to go from finish and that the whole process was simple. There was also plenty of options to choose from so that I could configure as I wanted and, once installed, the room was almost ready to move directly in.

what did they think of the SdPh process?

The process was great. I asked plenty of annoying questions and changed my mind multiple times, but the team were always attentive and responsive. I was asked for input and approval on the design and my changes were accommodated without any issue. This allowed me to get the room that’s a perfect fit for the space and exactly how I wanted it. I can’t fault the design and sales team and the delivery & installation team were also brilliant. They did a great job of the install in only a day and a half, delivering and installing before schedule and only weeks from ordering.

see inside a garden room


Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, high-quality breathable materials,
fully insulated and double glazed creating the perfect canvas for your new garden room

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