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Sharon Choy

4m x 2.5m

We love this gorgeous garden room, functioning as an outdoor creative space and sewing studio for happy customer Sharon. Tired of doing projects at her kitchen table, Sharon’s new SdPh Garden room provided the perfect oasis for her needles and threads. Now able to do more complex projects and loving the extra space for hobbies, we caught up with Sharon on her garden room.

hear from Sharon about her new garden room...

why want a Garden Room?

I like sewing and my husband was increasingly frustrated at not being able to use our dinner table.

how did it change the way they lived or worked?

I can make more complex things and can leave a project laid out without fear of it being disturbed or having to ‘tidy it away’ if guests were coming.

why choose SdPh Garden Rooms?

You were recommended to my husband via one of his work contacts.

what did they think of the SdPh process?

Fairly easy, the hardest part was the wait!

see inside a garden room


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