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Paul McKenna

3.5m x 2m

We love this gorgeous garden room, functioning as an outdoor creative space and sewing studio for happy customer Sharon. Tired of doing projects at her kitchen table, Sharon’s new SdPh Garden room provided the perfect oasis for her needles and threads. Now able to do more complex projects and loving the extra space for hobbies, we caught up with Sharon on her garden room.

hear from Paul about his new garden room...

why want a Garden Room?

After downsizing, I gave up my at-home office space. I was finding it really difficult to not have a true area that was designated for work only, so I decided I needed to find a way to have an office at home.

how did it change the way they lived or worked?

This just gives us more space as we recently downsized our property. Having all of my work out on the kitchen table was not a good long-term situation. The garden room allowed me to have my own space outside which was away from life at home. It really feels like I am in a true office now. 

why choose SdPh Garden Rooms?

I found SdPh on a Google search while doing a lot of research on which company would best fit what I am looking for.  I had an idea of what I was looking for and SdPh did a great job helping me figure out the details of the process. It was definitely the best route for me.

what did they think of the SdPh process?

The entire process was honestly fantastic – from start to finish! They had great back-and-forth communication with me. I always felt I was in the loop. The finished product is even better than I imagined. 

see inside a garden room


Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, high-quality breathable materials,
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