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Mark Tinklin

3.5m x 2m

What is better than a little extra wiggle room when it comes to your dining room table? Mark and his family have been sharing work space with their meals and decided it was time to find a practical solution. They discussed game plans with our sales team and were able to find a garden room that made this adjustment simple, with no faff! After getting settled into the new space we were able to catch up with Mark!

hear from Mark about his new garden room...

why want a Garden Room?

For more space and to improve the house overall.

how did it change the way they lived or worked?

Well, the plan is to make it into a study/gym. One of us has been working from home on the dining table for the past year so will be able to have a dedicated, more comfortable workspace. And if we make the most of the gym then we’ll hopefully end up healthier too. Benefits for body and mind. We just need to fit it out now. And make sure the dog is happy to chill out in there too!

why choose SdPh Garden Rooms?

I looked around and it seemed to be the best value with modern, simple, and effective designs and straight-up pricing. It was easy to see what we would get and how much it would cost. Not only was SdPh the best price, but the process was also the easiest to comprehend too. All in all a well-rounded package. Plus, the sales team answered all my questions and we came to an agreement on what we wanted to do after supplying sizes, etc. Essentially we made some changes to make sure the doors and windows would fit through the house!

what did they think of the SdPh process?

I didn’t want or need the faff or extra complication (and cost) of a custom build. The designs offered by SdPh worked for us and I was provided with all the information about what the building would and wouldn’t contain. We got 3D renders of different options and working drawings of the designs. Communication was good and we were able to provide the information SdPh needed. On installation day – once everything had been paid and we’d confirmed when it would go up – the builders were very friendly and very good. The building shot up, finished to a good standard and they cleared up too. So yeah, the process was great!

see inside a garden room


Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, high-quality breathable materials,
fully insulated and double glazed creating the perfect canvas for your new garden room

Whether you choose a ‘standard model’ or a bespoke size, your journey starts
with a free 3D design.