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The latest garden room news and tips

Selecting the Perfect Garden Room Size

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular as versatile additions to homes, offering flexible spaces for work, relaxation, and entertainment. However, choosing the right size for…

Designing Your Dream Garden Room Bar

Imagine a peaceful evening spent with friends, enjoying cocktails and the gentle breeze in your garden room bar. Creating your own garden room bar is…

Maximising Space in Compact Garden Rooms with Clever Storage Solutions

Garden rooms have the ability to add versatility and charm to your outdoor space, making them a wonderful addition. However, in compact garden rooms with…

Designing Your Garden Room Paradise

Picture this: a tranquil garden room, nestled in the back corner of your yard, offering a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily…

The Potential of a Garden Room

Garden rooms, also known as garden sanctuaries, are charming additions to our outdoor spaces, combining elegance and functionality. Beyond their traditional uses, these versatile spaces…

Adding Value with Garden Rooms

Garden rooms, often considered as decorative embellishments, have recently emerged as valuable assets that significantly enhance home value. These versatile spaces have gained popularity among…