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choosing the right garden room foundation

The foundation of your garden room is one of the most important aspects to consider when building, but it can also be the most confusing. Our helpful guide will take you through some of the most popular options, and assist you in making the right decision.

When it comes to the things you want to do with your garden room, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to use it as an office, gym or games room; a studio for crafts or hobbies; an extra guest bedroom; a playroom for kids or extra entertaining space – without a strong foundation system, your garden room won’t be fit for purpose – any purpose – in the long-term.

what kind of base do I need for my garden room?

When you’ve decided on your perfect garden room, the first question to ask is: “What base do I need for my garden room?” You’ll need to consider your garden conditions before deciding. When you talk to your garden room provider, ask if they have any advice about the best base for your garden room. Read on to learn about the different types of garden room foundations available, and understand the pros and cons of each one. This ensures that whatever garden room base you go for, is the right option for you.

There are 3 types of garden room bases that we see typically used:

1. Concrete Pad Garden Room Foundation
2. Poured Concrete Slab Garden Room Foundation
3. Ground Screws Garden Room Foundation

Every option has positives and negatives. We’ve put together a list of the most popular garden room bases, starting with our all-round favourite!

concrete pad garden room foundation

cost: £1,495

A concrete pad garden room base is ideal for smaller garden rooms and provides a swift, secure solution when placed on relatively level, firm terrain. With this type of foundation, you don’t have to dig up your garden to lay concrete, as the weight of the garden room structure will be evenly dispersed over an extensive area. Concrete pads are a great foundation for a garden room, with minimal disruption and effort. They do not need any setting time, and provide durable protection against movement and pressure, ensuring your garden room is secure and stable and protected from cracking.

Concrete pads are an excellent eco-friendly choice for a garden room foundation, and if needed they can be removed with minimal damage to your garden. If your garden is relatively flat and soil compact, we offer concrete pads as an effective, budget-friendly garden room foundation solution. To find out if this is the right choice for you, chat our team to learn more.


  • This solution is cost-efficient, providing great value for money.

  • Our team can install this quickly and it will be ready to use immediately. There is no need to set aside any time for installation & setting

  • Eco-friendly and requiring a much smaller amount of concrete than other bases, this option is a more sustainability-conscious choice.

  • Flexible enough to accommodate your room as it shifts and evolves over the years without any cracking.

  • It can be taken up, moved and removed easily.

  • No messy groundworks are necessary for this garden room base solution.

  • Adaptable: if there is slight sloping some minor adjustments can be made without too much trouble.


  • If the garden terrain is really uneven, it will take longer to install and may not be suitable.

  • It’s not an ideal solution if the ground is particularly boggy or soft.

poured concrete slab garden room foundation

cost: £2,000 - £4,000 (approx)

A concrete slab garden room base requires a lot of materials and is labour-intensive, so is more expensive than other options. You will need to hire a local tradesperson and will need to leave enough time for the foundation to be fully set before the installation date (remember that it takes up to  2 weeks for the delivery of one of our garden rooms from order!). This garden room base will involve excavation, a layer of hardcore, a timber framework and ensuring the finished foundation is square and level with no undulations on the surface.Elevating slightly will help with water drainage off the base, preventing pooling around the garden room that could lead to damp and rotting wood. Once the concrete slab garden room base has been installed, your garden room provider should be able to install quickly and easily, like our one-day fast and free delivery and installation service.


  • Ideal if the ground you are working with is not firm.

  • By getting the concrete base sorted ahead of time, you can save yourself time when it comes to ordering your garden room.

  • Adaptable, If there is an incline, it can be levelled out by digging


  • Costs can quickly rise depending on the size and any unforeseen circumstances

  • Digging down and laying the base is very time-consuming and labour-intensive, and it takes 1-2 weeks for the new foundation to set.

  • The use of concrete as building materials is more damaging to the environment

ground screw garden room foundation

cost: £1,500 - £3,000 (approx)

Ground screws are becoming increasingly popular for garden room foundations, as they are eco-friendly and relatively easy to install. However, before installing any ground screws, extensive and multiple site surveys are necessary in order to get a thorough understanding of the ground conditions. Making sure the ground is suitable is vital as loose or rocky soil can cause complications. If you have recently dug up the area, it’s advised to wait two years for it to settle. Installing ground screws usually involves using a ground drill, and you may need to undertake some garden landscaping – which can prove costly – in order to hide the screws.


  • The greenest approach as it completely foregoes concrete.

  • Doing it beforehand will result in less time being spent on the installation day.

  • You can safely create a level platform even when faced with sloping terrain.

  • Once the site is deemed suitable it is usually quick


  • The costs increase when it involving surveying and costly machinery.

  • It requires a high level of expertise and precision to have the desired results with drills at different levels

  • Landscaping of a substantial nature may be necessary to ensure that voids or screws are not visible.

We provide concrete pad foundations as our sole choice for a foundation. We can confidently give you an exact cost of this option. However, if you’re looking at other options, they may vary due to the tradespeople employed, your location, garden conditions, and other factors.

do I need to build a base for my garden room?

Yes, it is absolutely essential that the foundation system of any building, including a garden room, is sound. To decide which type of base to use factors such as size, position and aesthetics must all be taken into account. Your local terrain also influences your choice as does the level of your garden. Good garden room providers generally offer a free virtual site survey service for customers, enabling them to provide details quickly and easily whenever suits them. This is the speediest and most convenient option available – like the complimentary service we offer.

where should I position my garden room?

Where to place your garden room and its foundation is an essential selection as the amount of light and shade can massively influence how it feels. To use your garden room 12 months of the year as a garden office, studio or workshop, you should think about putting it in a position that gets the most natural daylight. Depending on the purpose, having windows on the south and west sides will help capture sunlight for heat and light up those magnificent views of your garden or beyond.

To create shade when necessary or frame the building, positioning the building under a canopy of trees can be helpful. If you site your building directly under a tree, there may be a build-up of leaves and debris on the structure or sticky residues from certain trees – something to bear in mind and protect against to preserve the longevity of your garden room!

You may have to consider positioning your outdoor building close to mains electricity, depending on your garden room provider. With us, you can achieve fully integrated electrics without the need for an electrician and without worrying about where to put your garden room, with our electrical “plug-n-play” package. All the wires are integrated within the garden room structure and protected with a consumer fuse box unit in your garden room. An outlet on the outside of the building allows you to simply run the power cable (provided by us) to your home plug socket. You can quite literally “plug-n-play” when you want to use it!

Buyers also worry whether garden rooms are truly comfortable to use all year round. Our garden rooms are designed to be like an extension of your home, meaning they can be used throughout the year, whatever the weather, as they are fully insulated with double-glazed, secure uPVC doors and windows. After deciding where you want your outdoor building, the next step will be choosing the perfect garden room for you.

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