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Choosing your perfect garden room

our guide to choosing your perfect garden room

It can be overwhelming choosing the perfect garden room. Although you may have an idea, it’s likely that you aren’t sure where to start. With an increasing number of providers, garden buildings are becoming more popular, with so many options on the market. Where do you begin? Read our guide to help you choose the right garden room.

steps for selecting the best garden room:

1. Learn about garden rooms and their uses.
2. Know what to look for in a garden building.
3. Do your homework and ensure you are considering the most important factors.
4. Look for a garden room company that provides expert advice, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service, plus offers a range of garden rooms that are robust, stylish and great value for money

what is a garden room?

Garden rooms are an insulated structure that you can build in your garden. They act as extra living spaces and can be used as such. Outdoor garden buildings often have an open view or look out on your garden. Garden rooms are different from garden sheds. Garden rooms are not just an outbuilding that can be used to store gardening tools or gather dust. They are an extension of your home and are built to withstand all weather conditions. Because of this, garden rooms are more expensive and take longer to build than garden sheds.

Aren’t conservatories and garden rooms the same thing? Although conservatories were once called garden rooms, they are now rightfully considered a very different type of structure. A conservatory is attached to your main residence while an outdoor garden building is built in your own backyard. Garden pods are much easier to construct than conservatories and don’t require planning permission.

Are Garden rooms worth it? Outdoor garden buildings are a wonderful addition to any home. They can be furnished and decorated for any purpose and used year-round. You should find a good provider of garden rooms that offers a variety of interior, exterior, and flooring options to help you personalise your garden room and make sure it’s the highlight of your garden!

why choose a garden room?

Are you tired of sitting at the table trying to take a Teams call while your children run around or the dog barks? Or maybe you’d like to invite your friends to dinner, but don’t have enough space to accommodate everyone. You could be yearning for a place to do yoga that isn’t the front room, or the garage to work out. With a garden room, you can quickly and easily achieve the additional space you require.

Garden pods are a cost-effective way to add value to your home and increase luxury appeal without the need to move, renovate, or extend. A garden room can be built up to 2.5m high, and you have permission to place it anywhere in your garden. A good garden room provider should be able to deliver within a few week from order and install your garden room in as little as two days – making a garden room an efficient, easy, and cost-effective way to add extra room with minimal disruption.

pros of a garden room

  • Most builds do not require planning permission (but always check this with your local authority!)

  • With our free, fast, and hassle-free delivery and installation, achieving a new garden room is quick and easy.

  • Double-glazed, secure uPVC windows and doors.

  • There are many interior, exterior, and flooring options available: let your imagination run wild with your outdoor garden building.

  • Less expensive than a loft conversion or house extension

  • Achieve additional living space for leisure, work out, or entertainment – can be modified to meet your changing needs over time!

  • Added value to your property.

  • A special, luxurious feature that will elevate a neglected or under-utilized corner of your garden.

  • Added privacy as it is a separate building: an escape for you from the main house or a zone for your children to play.

what is a garden room used for?

The possibilities of what a garden room can be used for are quite literally endless: the key point is that it is your own space to put your stamp on. One of the most valuable lessons that we have learned from our experience in designing and installing garden buildings, is that there are no limits to what your garden room can do. You can use your garden building as a home office, home gym, crafts or art studio, a hairdressing salon, beauty cabin, man-cave, she-shed, or even a garden bar.

what you should look for in a garden room

solid foundation is essential for a garden room, as is secure double-glazed uPVC windows and doors. Garden rooms should be fully insulated by default. This will allow them to be used throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Be wary of garden room companies that advertise too-good-to-be-true prices for their garden buildings. They may only be selling the shell of the building and charge an additional fee for the essentials like insulation, flooring, doors, and windows. All of our garden pods are fully insulated and come with a variety of floor and ceiling options to choose from. Check out our entire range here.

when selecting your garden room, consider whether:

  • You can easily talk to a member of their knowledgeable team about all your options and questions.

  • Your garden room provider offers a garden building base solution

  • There are any hidden costs: Are insulation, floor, interior, and exterior options included in the standard price?

  • You are able to benefit from free and fast delivery and one-day installation free of charge

  • You can visualise your dream garden pod through a free 3D design service

  • Your garden room provider also offers bespoke options

Garden rooms are considered “big-ticket items” because they can be expensive and so are a big decision! This is why expert advice, transparency in pricing and exceptional customer service are essential.

things to think about when choosing a garden room

who’s best?

Think about which company would be best to help your garden room become a reality. Talk to the representatives of each company and do your research. A professional garden room provider will have a team that is friendly and can guide you through the process. They will also provide clear, objective information.

what is the purpose of my garden room?

What purpose will your garden building serve? Are you looking for a home office, crafts studio or a beauty cabin? These factors will impact where and how big your garden pod is, what style you might go for, and whether you choose to opt for the electrical plug-n-play package. The function of your garden room may change over time so be flexible! Looking for inspiration? Here are some suggestions.

what style?

Garden building companies should have a variety of designs and styles that can be used for different purposes. Some styles may be more suitable for certain uses or gardens than others. No matter what style you prefer, a great garden room provider will offer a free 3D design, guaranteed to inspire you. We can superimpose your garden area onto your backyard space so you can visualise your dream garden! Expert garden room builders should also offer a bespoke garden room service that will not break the bank, if you are looking for something specific. Find out more here.

what’s the process?

Choosing your garden room should be a fun, easy and exciting process – not to mention straightforward and simple. Here’s ours:

  1. Create a custom, personalised 3D design together.

  2. Confirm design and finish.

  3. Book installation date – with us, it’s possible to have it in as little as 2 weeks from order!

  4. Confirm your base where the new garden room will be located (our expert team will assess from photos or conduct a free site visit). More information on garden room foundation options.

  5. We pre-build and prepare your new garden pod in our factory.

  6. Our experienced installation team will deliver and install your new garden building in as little as one day.

do I need planning permission?

You don’t need planning permission because of our clever garden room designs. The height of the garden building is less than 2.5m, so permission is not required. But – each building is unique so it’s important to check with your local authority, especially if you have a listed building, live in an Area of Natural Beauty, a National Park, World Heritage Site or a Conservation Area. If your new garden room covers more than 50% of the garden or is on a front elevation, you should check if planning is required. (This information is for guidance only and you should check if you have any doubts).

what will it cost?

What is an affordable garden room? This question can only be answered by you. It is important to weigh the cost of the service and quality you receive against the price. You can also compare the services offered by different providers. Remember that estate agents and lenders believe that a garden room will increase the home’s value by 5-10%. If you choose a modern and stylish garden room that is built to a high quality, it will be able to withstand the test of time and will add value to your home, even if you are not planning to move for a while.

do I need an architect for my garden room?

This is the short answer to your question: no. You don’t need an architect to design your garden pod. This is especially true if the garden room provider has a wide range of styles and offers a complimentary 3D design service. Your garden building provider should work collaboratively with you to discuss your ideas, and create a design. Our free 3D design service allows you to superimpose your garden room design onto a photo of your garden so that you can visualise your new garden space. With these services available, you do not require an architect.

When choosing your perfect garden building, you need to carefully consider what you need it for, where it is going to go, and how much you can afford to spend. Choose a garden room provider that offers a wide range of stylish standard options but also offers a bespoke service. A free 3D design also helps you to visualise your garden pod dream and a one-day delivery and installation service, such as ours, will have your new garden building in your garden in as little as two weeks, whether in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and anywhere in the Midlands, North, South, East or West!

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